If you know where you want to go, you’ll know when you’ve got there!

I can work with you to clarify your bigger picture business goals, this is an important part of any design project, and it will be useful to think about this before we start. Clients usually find it helpful to talk to someone outside the business for this. We will have an in-depth chat well before any designing, and I will get a good feel for your business.

Successful websites are those websites that continue to attract the right type of visitors and lead them down a path towards becoming a customer. With a website you will be able to measure this by client sales and also your Google Analytics, which will help you analyse the web visitors and where they come from.


We are a small local business, our work is bespoke.

Website will be designed professionally and built on a solid, quality framework, with browser testing to ensure a wide range of device usability (UX design). It will be professionally optimised for speed and search engines (SEO), accessibility, security and GDPR. We can chat about your budget is up-front and see if it works. Invoices can be paid on payment plans with pre-arrangement. Project invoices are normally split into two or three payments as standard, based on agreed project milestones.

Website text content and updates

You should prepare some text for your website, we can help you source images if need be/create bespoke imagery. When doing this, it may be useful to start a list of basic keywords and phrases that you think you might like your website to perform well for, though keyword research is included in any new website development, and can also be optimised at any time. Text can be updated by yourself or us at any time, so don’t worry about it being perfect!

Copyediting and proofreading services (add-on services)

These services will be provided by our trusted partner Jonathan Jobson, former sports editor for the Sunday Herald newspaper, website content writer and freelance journalist.

E-commerce website design

If you will be getting an e-commerce website, you should prepare a list of the items you would like to add to the shop. At a minimum, you should have the following information for each item: item name, price and description, though you may have different variations also (sizes or colours etc, each with different prices). We can send you an online spreadsheet to add this information to, to make the process as simple as possible. If you will be accepting payments online, you should have a Paypal or Stripe account. You can also accept bank transfers.

WordPress Care plans

WordPress plugins are created by multiple authors, and are consistently updated to newer versions to comply with the latest version of WordPress, or to address security issues and bugs. It is not guaranteed that the mandated updates to WordPress will not break the website, nor that plugins will continue to function if not updated. For this reason, we would prefer to take on clients who have a WP care plan in place. Having a trained web specialist on hand to monitor the website is necessary to update plugins, rollback plugins, replace plugins or even adjust the theme to continue optimal performance. You can choose to auto-update your website, though this is really not recommended, and will also not keep any premium plugins or your pro-software framework up to date.

During website development, nearly every update you perform on your site is done as an attended update. This means that we initiate the update, we know when your site has updated, we can read the developer’s changelog to determine whether or not it is a critical security update, a bug fix update, or a major release update on which you might want to wait. We can also test your site after every plugin update, and you are more likely to to determine the source of any problems introduced by a problematic plugin update.

By using unattended auto-updates, you lose that control and human intelligence when an update occurs.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO and website optimisation takes time to get results, and there is no magical way to get number 1 in Google (despite all the cold-calls and emails you may get from random businesses in exotic countries telling you otherwise!) Work is done iteratively, with us testing what is working, and what can be improved on. Unlike old methods of keyword stuffing into pages, Google makes us now look at SEO as a more holistic process, which is actually a good thing, and the focus is on creating honest good content! It now takes into account UX design for mobile, text content and many, many other factors in their algorithms, including your competition.